The Xbox

The Xbox is capable of so much power but you will need to right equipment to fully utilize it. This means high-def television and surround sound speakers. The Xbox 360 is going to be even more incredible. That’s why plenty of people are upgrading their tv and audio systems to get ready for this next-generation of gaming. So if you need to upgrade your sound system, Logitech has a great option for you.




The Z-5500s have a lot going for them at a reasonable price. It features four identical satellites with a center that is a satellite turned horizontally. And of course there’s the 10″ subwoofer that makes it a heavy box. The sub even has a nice looking front to further intimidate your guests. The satellites feature sleek black cloth grilles that can be removed to reveal a mostly silver finish. So this gives you the option on how you want your speakers to look. The center of the system is the SoundTouch Control Center. It’s a nice size and looks pretty cool to draw some attention. This is the receiver for the system (excluding video input) and allows for digital optical, digital coax, 6 channel stereo and analog stereo-mini. So you are able to connect a couple devices in at the same time and switch between them. You can also control the overall sound as well as the level for just the surrounds, subs or center. And even better yet, you don’t have to get up and go over to it whenever you need to make an adjustment. A wireless remote control is also included that allows you to do adjust any of the settings from your seat.

Setting the system up is simple enough since pretty much everything is included. The speaker cables supplied are actually of generous length. Three of them are 15′ long for the 2 front satellites and center speaker. Two others are 25′ long for the rear satellites. The new versions of the system contain standard speaker wire, meaning that you can easily buy longer cable if this isn’t long enough (though it should be for most). Place the speakers in the best positions and then connect the speaker wire into the speakers and to the sub. And then connect the control center to the sub and you’re pretty much all set. Now you just need to connect your audio device to the control center and turn it on. What the system doesn’t contain is what you need to hear Dolby surround sound-an optical cable. Another nice thing is the ease of setting up the speakers for wall-mounting. The speakers stands rotate around and ready to be anchored into your walls.

So the speakers look nice and are easily set up. The important question is how do they sound? Once you connect the optical cable and switch to Dolby Digital on the Xbox sound options, you won’t be going back. The Z-5500s will bring out the best of gaming. Even playing a game where sound isn’t much of a factor, such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, sound effects are brought out even more and seem almost more realistic. Playing a game like Doom 3, where the sound helps make the game, you might find the game to be even scarier. The Z-5500s will take your gaming to a new level. And if you don’t have a surround sound system for DVD watching, you’ll also be impressed watching movies with these. Listening to standard audio won’t get you Dolby 5.1 but you can do 2x stereo (duplicated stereo on the rear satellites). And even though they aren’t discrete channels, having the rear audio does give further immersion into the songs. One thing that you might notice is the sub being a little boomy, but I didn’t think that it affected my listening that much. This system is really able to provide great sound detail.


Logitech’s Z-5500 system should be on your checklist for preparing for Xbox 360. They are easy to set up, look nice and sound great. Nowadays you can even find them at a nice price below their retail of $399. Sound in gaming is playing a much bigger role than it used to. Most people aren’t going to want to build their own system so this is the best option. Actually, I don’t know how much more Logitech can improve their systems after this. Those that want to see the system details, check out the homepage here. You will find that this system is one of the best they have ever put out so far and it has everything that a user could possibly want. From more than amazing features down to high quality surround sound, this system will simply shock you. Logitech team knows how important a good sound is to the gamers so they decided to put something a bit extra this time to improve the overall gaming experience. It would be completely safe to say that, with the latest changes, the gamers will be more than pleased with the latest edition. The ten inch subwoofer will give the feeling of a big room and the audio inputs can support up to six different devices. Each speaker us 505 Watts of power and the system includes the wireless remote control with extra batteries. With the warranty up to two years, it can’t get any better.