Introduction Poker Online

Limited number of games, smoky casino rooms, keeping your poker face on… That’s all over with, friends. Poker online equals freedom. Convenience. Possibilities. It’s the easiest way of enjoying your favourite card game and it costs you almost nothing. Let me welcome you to the magical world of online gambling by reading this article. Let’s do this, gamers!

Benefits of Poker Online

Even if a casino or a poker room is right down the street, you are going to be limited in the games you can play. Limited gameplay = limited opportunities to make money = a lot less fun. Online poker rooms bring you the ability to choose from various number of games at the touch of a few fingers.

Remember rakes? Forget them. Online rooms don’t hire dealers, rent spaces or buy tables. That means lower rakes or even no rakes. No more taxes in our poker games, friends. We’re making some progress, huh?

Speed is also a benefit of online poker. You will get dealt more hands per hur than in a live game which allows you to use your skills more often against your weaker opponents.

Here’s my favourite. You don’t need to invest a lot of money. On the Internet, you can join a $.25-$.50 game or even a limit as low as $.02-$.04. Morning papers cost more than that!

No matter when you want to play poker, there will always be a game or a tournament available. Imagine waking up at 6 a.m. and starting the day with your favourite hobby. From your bed! Convenient, convenient.

For those of you who don’t like carrying cash around the city and waiting in lines, plot twist – you don’t have to. You can do many other things while playing poker at home. Cooking dinner, carrying out phone conversations, studying… Freedom, I told you. You with me already?

Poker online brought something that never existed before in poker – the ability to play more than one game at the same time. This has huge potential for players who are consistent winners with a well defined style of play.

A good player often notices tendencies of his opponents that help reveal what cards they are likely to hold. In a live casino it is very difficult or impossible to record those impressions immediately. But in online poker this is simply a matter of typing in some brief notes. So get your notebooks out and start playing!

Last, but not least – poker tells. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, poker tells are something that you can’t avoid. Your face is going to get red, you’re going to breathe heavily sometimes. When you’re playing at home, no one can see your face. There comes the freedom, again.

Let’s wrap things up here. Here’s a shortlist of all the benefits you get by playing your favourite card game online:

  • Broader game selection
  • Lower or no rakes
  • Speed
  • Low investment rate
  • Poker action available 24/7
  • Convenience
  • Ability to „Multi-Table“
  • Ability to instantly take notes on opponents
  • Inability of opponents to read your poker tells


There you go, my friends. Magical world of Poker online awaits. Don’t keep him waiting for too long. Fire up your laptop and earn yourself some cash by having fun.

Enjoy your experience!