There is an old saying that competition stirs innovation. The same goes for games and gaming consoles. If you have an old home console that you really hold close, you surely gave a thought or two about how you could make it even better. There is an ever going debate on console wars and everyone is trying to give the best answer to the everlasting question: which console is better.


Since the date of Xbox release, there has been the rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation. Many gamers were simply not ready to take Xbox over PlayStation. With time, Xbox has been credited with all sorts of innovations and it kind of a imposed itself on the gaming population.

Online gaming and digital distribution were the two ultimate things that gained Xbox the credibility it has today. Also, this went well with the gaming population and soon, people embraced Xbox over PlayStation. Some more subtle additions like the transition from memory card to the hard drive only further fortified this Xbox supremacy.

It is all about the details

When you add the fact that some games which were intended to be for PlayStation went multiplatform like Grand Theft Auto, it is only safe to say that the popularity of Xbox has significantly increased. If no compromise gaming experience is what you want, you will go with the Xbox for sure.


You can also add the fact that Pro Xbox One has more consistent first party AAA exclusive games than PlayStation. Microsoft is really quick and consistent when it comes to their games. They are developing titles each month and they are always delivering exclusive and new games to the plate.

One more fact is really interesting in this console war. Xbox has much faster UI iteration. There were some problems in the beginning when they first launched the console but those issues were dealt with very fast. That is always a good thing with Microsoft. They tend to fix things really fast.

And they are always planning a substantial expansion. There is no end to their innovations and therefore, it is safe to say that they have brought their console much closer to the users than PlayStation has. That is why Xbox is superior.